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One of the most common devices at homes and work places are computers. Be it desktops, laptops or tablets, they sure make our lives more convenient. Can you ever imagine what your life would be without them? We get a small taste of the same, when the computer stops working. It brings with it the series of repair work and replacements.

While replacing the machine is a preferred option for most, mid-sized companies may not have large budgets for new computers. Hence, the IT support technicians spend their time and energy in fixing the same. As compared to before, this process is a lot faster thanks to the host of tools available for these professionals. One of the most important parts of the computer repairing tool kit is the automotive digital multimeter. This article will elaborate about how these multimeters may be used for troubleshooting and fixing the computer resistors.

In general, the resistors used for computers are durable. They usually last longer because the input and output of power in the computer is lower as compared to heavy machinery. However, it can fail with excessive amounts of electricity. This means that when there is additionally strain on a single resistor, it can be blown and in extreme cases even catch fire. The former is common and can render the resistor useless as no power can pass through it.

Thus, it is important to understand the power quality at your office as well as the capacity of the resistor.

The ability can be gauged by first passing a regular amount of power through the resistor. Then, use a RMS multimeter to pass the current in the same manner. The multimeter will slowly test the device with a controlled flow of power for capacity and resistance.

However, there are two things you need to keep in mind before you carry out this method.

• Ensure that the computer that contains the resistor you are testing is unplugged and turned off. This is important, because if the device is on, it could pose risk of damaging the multimeter and computer along with causing electrical failures.

• Ensure that your multimeter is calibrated and compatible for measuring voltage, ohms, amperes, etc. This will aid in getting accurate measurements of the power and resistance.

Once these steps are carried out, you can safely check your resistors. Additionally, you may use multimeters for troubleshooting, in case of an issue.

These measuring devices have proved to be of enormous help to the technicians. Get one for the IT department of your office to speed up repairs.

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